Varied. Unique. Picturesque.

The Trudner Horn Nature Park inspires all

Forest orchids and dormice

the Trudner Horn Nature Park in the Dolomites

With its 6866 hectares, the nature park includes four other municipalities in addition to our mountain village of Anterivo: Montan, Neumarkt, Salurn and Truden. All are "protected" in the north by Val di Fiemme, in the southeast by the Cembra Valley and in the west by the Adige Valley and have over 400 km of well-marked hiking trails. But apart from the facts, the nature park has a lot of other highlights to offer, such as being the only park under the 2000 m mark

Mild, sub-mediterranean climate

Flora and fauna

Due to its altitude of between 300 and 1700 m, the locality has a particularly mild, sub-Mediterranean climate, making it perfect for great biodiversity in flora and fauna: often you will encounter Turk's cap lilies, forest orchids, holly and butcher's broom, or small forest animals such as the dormice and fire salamanders!