Treading water. Meditate.

Alpine Wellness in the Kneipp facility Altrei-Sandegg

Doing something good for health

Kneipp in the south of South Tyrol

Have you ever tried Kneipp? This form of hydrotherapy developed by Sebastian Kneipp stimulates your circulation and promotes blood circulation. Priska Zanol, your hostess, will sensitively guide you through the hotel's own Kneipp course and will thoroughly explain the health-promoting effects of Kneipp. She can also accompany you to the Kneipp facility on the Sandegg hill, just a few minutes from the hotel.

Relax and unwind

At the nature hotel in the Dolomites

Alternating cold and heat

Helpful for migraine patients

Stimulate the circulation

And prevent varicose veins

Let nature work its magic on you

In the south of South Tyrol, at Hotel Waldheim

Whether you’re a nature lover, in search of peace and quiet or a connoisseur of the finer things, Hotel Waldheim in the hiking village of Anterivo is the ideal holiday destination for you. It’s also perfect for all those who want to give up smoking. Yes, you read that right: we have a breathing awareness path!

Conscious breathing – become a non-smoker

Another highlight of our area (and Alpine wellness at its best) is the breathing awareness path opened in 2012 on World No Tobacco Day in the forest of Anterivo. A 661 m long meditation trail at 1300 m, the six theme stations of which are intended to help people quit smoking. As we all know, prohibitions often don’t work, so this path should offer hikers useful information and give them a holistic experience that helps them recognise their own behaviour and change it over the long-term. Breathe freely – in harmony with nature: take advantage of this wonderful, natural opportunity!

Jim Rohn

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

Getting closer to nature

In the UNESCO World Heritage Trudner Horn Nature Park

The backdrop of the Dolomites, the Trudner Horn Nature Park right before your nose: at Hotel Waldheim you can enjoy this very special picture-perfect idyll all year round. The landscape may change, depending on the season, but the glorious sunshine, fresh mountain air and panoramic views always remain the same. The surrounding nature has so many beautiful things to offer us!